David was the youngest of them all
His brothers fought in battles. He took care of sheep.
A lion and bear he fought with a sling.
By Samuel, he was anointed as king.

A battle, his brothers traveled to one day.
Goliath was a giant and a Philistine.
He cursed God and King Saul’s army when he came.
David brought his brothers’ food one day.
He heard Goliath and decided to fight him.
He picked up five smooth stones from a stream.
He went to face Goliath on the battlefield.
Into his weapon, a sling, a sone he put.
David swung his sling with all his might.
The stone hit Goliath in the forehead.
He fell and David cut Goliath’s head off.
David was victorious and rewarded.
He got to marry King Saul’s daughter.

Saul was jealous of David, God’s chosen one.
God’s spirit left Saul because of his sin.
Saul tried to kill David numerous times.

A fugitive, David now must be.
In mountain caves, he was forced to hide.
Saul’s son, Johnathan, was David’s best friend.
He trusted God’s plan for David to be king.
Even though he was the oldest and next in line.
Johnathon gave David his sword and bow.
David was on the run for several years.

Again, Saul was fighting the Philistines.
This battle, Saul and his men were losing.
Saul asked his armor-bearer, “Please kill me.
Do not let the uncircumcised kill me.”
But his man would not kill God’s anointed.
So instead, Saul fell upon his own sword.
Johnathan and his brothers died as well.
David mourned, wept, and fasted for the death of his king and friend
David was anointed king of Israel.
The people of the land rejoiced for their new king.