First, I would want to have an ax to chop down trees and cut vines. I could use the logs to build myself a shelter and the vines could be used to hold the logs in place if they aren’t stable. I could also use the ax for hunting and protecting myself. I could make traps for catching animals and to chop firewood to build fires with to cook and to keep me warm.

The other tool I would want is a hammock. It could help you sleep above the ground where the critters and snakes can’t get you that are on the ground. I could also use it as a fishing net to catch fish with and a water filterer to filter out bugs and mud and large debris to make it safe for me to drink. I could even use if for a blanket if I’m cold and do not have a fire and to use it as a raincoat to protect me from rain. I could use it to turn into a sack to carry fruit in and it can be used to transport logs from one side of the island to the other by putting the logs on the hammock and using the rope to pull it. I could also make a log carrying backpack.