Robin Hood and his merry men did not have anything to eat that morning. After several minutes of hunger, Robin Hood said, “I will go fishing and catch some juicy trout for breakfast.”

“But Robin, you’ll die! You know the Sheriff’s ships are patrolling the harbor,” said Little John.

“I realize that,” said Robin, “but look at all these hungry men. I can’t just let them die of starvation. Besides, I’ll have a fisherman disguise on. They won’t recognize me.”

“If you say so, but I’ coming with you,” said Little John.

“All right,” said Robin. So they put on their disguises, grabbed their fishing poles, and left.

“Halt! Who are you?” asked one of the guards.

“We’re just going to fish, cause we are so hungry and we have nothing to eat,” said Robin. Eventually, the guard let them pass. Robin and Little John together caught seven trout for his band of sixteen merry men.

When he got back to his hideout, the cook cooked the trout in less than an hour for one trout. When he was done, the merry men were so hungry, there were no leftovers.

“But what will we have for tomorrow?” asked one of the merry men.

Robin said, “Little John and I will just fish for more trout but for more than today, so we will have leftovers for the next day.”

And so they did just that the next day.