Carthage was founded by Dido in 814 B.C. Dido was a Phoenician princess. When Dido’s brother became king, she was afraid he was going to kill her, so she fled to found a new city. She named this city Carthage.

   Carthage was in North Africa. She talked the people of Africa into giving her as much land as a bull’s hide can take up. This seems really stupid, but she actually used her trickery in this request by slicing the bull’s hide into thin strips long enough to take up a huge tract of land to hound Carthage.

   Carthage followed in the pattern of Phoenicia civilization and Carthage also became a prosperous trading city. It traded three kinds of metals. These metals were tin, bronze, and silver.

   Carthage was very cool in its wars and trading center. I wonder what they traded at their trading center.