Rome had the most intimidating and effective army in antiquity the world has ever seen at that time. Whenever a war occurred, the citizens were called to the Field of Mars. Mars is the Roman name for Ares, the god of war. Wars usually lasted a few days, but if it lasted longer, the soldiers would get paid. The Roman military was known for its massive legions. Every original legion consisted of four thousand two hundred men, divided into four very different types and organized into “maniples”. The maniples each had one hundred twenty soldiers and they were organized by experience levels. Commander Marius reorganized some of the army in 100 B.C. which means all citizens could join the army no matter how rich or poor they were. The new legion had five thousand soldiers.

   Life as a soldier in Rome was hard because the soldiers had to keep up with hard training exercises, you had to carry your own provisions, and the punishments were also very harsh in the army. In fact, they were so harsh, you could die. The parts of the Roman armor were very impressive. They had a helmet, a javelin, shoulder plates, body armor, dagger, sword, shield, woolen, tunic, and sandals or boots depending on the weather.

   I would want to be in the army. Would you want to be in the army?