Octavian was the grand-nephew of Julius Caesar, the first emperor of Rome. After Julius Caesar’s death, Octavian returned to Rome to take revenge after his studying in Greece. He made a truce with Antony and Lepidus to become the Second Triumvirate to rule the people, but Octavian’s hidden goal was to become the sole ruler. Octavian forced Lepidus to retire and Antony was the only one left, he became ruler of Rome. As ruler he expanded Rome’s territory, he brought peace to Rome, and he refused to become dictator until his death, but instead, he became known as Emperor Caesar Augustus.

   Augustus ruled Rome for twenty-seven years. He organized the Praetorian guard who would become the body guard for the emperor, and he also set up governors over each of the provinces of Rome to make sure peace was maintained in the empire. The period of peace Augustus brought up was known as the Pax Romana. During the Pax Romana, he worked together with the Senate to improve Rome, and he reduced the size of the army to prevent a coup. He built lots of building and cared for the very poor people. Augustus called for a census of the entire Roman Empire which was the cause of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, the place where Jesus was born.

   Augustus died in 14 A.D. and the Romans declared him a Roman god. Is it amazing that Augustus lived the same time Jesus was born?