If the state regulated garage sales, would poor people be better off? Garage sales are a way for people to make money by selling their stuff. People put up signs telling people where the garage sale is located, they set up there stuff on tables outside, and people come and buy stuff for less money than what they would buy at a store. It is a nice way for people to sell old unwanted stuff and make money off of it, and it is also a nice way for people to buy stuff for cheaper than what they might find at a store. And the best part, it is not state regulated, meaning the state is not involved in any garage sales. But what if the state was involved? What it the state was involved in garage sales, and regulated them? Would poor people be better off? It really depends on the type of state. If it was a bad state, then the state would probably send people to price everything, and they might price things too low or too high, or they may force a fee to hold a yard sale, they may even say who can come to the yard sale and who can not. In this case, poor people would not be better off. But if it is a good state, they may not intervene in a garage sale. They may even send a police officer to things are not stolen, or to make sure people are not hurt, or things like that, which would make poor people better off.