What is my most important skill that I can use in starting my business this year? The skill that I can use to start my business this year is working knowledge. I would like to start breeding rabbits again because I have already bred two litters of rabbits and I was thinking of breeding a third litter. The main reason I started to raise rabbits was because my dad wanted me to start a small business and raising rabbits was really easy so we decided to go with that. To get ready for the rabbits me and my dad had to buy rabbit cages and build them ourselves, we built them something that the cages could hang from so that they would not touch the ground, we built them a nest so that they could have babies, we bought them food bowls and gave them water bowls, I feed them and watered them every day (even sometimes twice a day), and I sold the babies to get some money, because that is literally the reason of getting rabbits. Besides, what would a business be (even small ones) without any money? Raising rabbits was fun while it lasted, and now I am getting more to do it all over again. And I have working knowledge so it should be easier to do than when I first started. If you want to start a small business, than try rabbit raising. You get to try a small business, and it is so much fun.