My 9-month plan to get a part-time job at no less than $20/hour to help a businessman improve his marketing. The business I am planning to help improve marketing for is my city’s local health and fitness center called the REC. The first thing I would do is get to know the Rec better. I would do this by attending fitness classes. I would also go very often and see what things they have available. I would spend the first month attending fitness classes. In my second month I would still attend often, but this time getting to know the people who work there. For my third month I would get to know the people who go to the REC and the people who have membership cards and the people who do fitness and workout classes. I would spend months four and five gathering data about the members like, how old they are, where they live, what they do and why they go there. This will help me do specific marketing towards potential new members. For the next three months I would strategize how to get in more REC members. I would do this by figuring out what kind of social media the most people use and I would completely change their Facebook page and put in actual pictures and videos of things going on at the REC. For the last month I would plan out my presentation and graph out my plans for the REC and present it when I am finished.