An ad to a friend to persuade your friend to persuade his/her parents to sign up for the Ron Paul Curriculum. Now, I will tell you what things to tell your parents to let you use the Ron Paul Curriculum. #1 It is on computers and computers are easily portable, more portable than those large text books they have at school. Plus, text books are extremely expensive. Especially If you buy one for each subject in school. #2 I homeschool so my mom has to teach me. But with the Ron Paul Curriculum I can be taught by real professors even when I am still at home. It is the best. My mom has enough work with the younger kids. #3 Ron Paul Curriculum is preparing me for college. So when I start college, I will know a lot. #4 I can work at my own pace level. At school, you have to do your school or you do not get to do it at all. If you do not get your homework done for that day, oh well! You move on. #5 Ron Paul Curriculum teaches me to be fair in my thinking. This means to instead of choosing a side just because you like it more, or it is more believable, look at both sides of the story. (I got these from an original paper. If you want to know the rest of these things, than go there. It is titled “15 benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum”.) Well, that’s it. Hope your parents let you use the Ron Paul Curriculum.