15 benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum. My fifteen benefits are: #1 It is on computers and computers are easily portable, more portable than those large text books they have at school. #2 One word. Papers. The Ron Paul Curriculum gives me papers instead of tests because papers help me think. In tests you just memorize and then forget. #3 I homeschool so my mom has to teach me. But with the Ron Paul Curriculum I can be taught by real professors even when I am still at home. #4 Ron Paul Curriculum teaches me self-discipline. #5 Ron Paul Curriculum tells me how to think, not what to think. #6 Ron Paul Curriculum  uses mainly the internet as a school resource so I get the most up-to-date information. #7 Because the Ron Paul Curriculum is on the internet, I can do it anywhere. #8 Ron Paul Curriculum is preparing me for college. #9 I can work at my own pace level. #10 My family loves Ron Paul Curriculum because he teaches us the same stuff we believe in. #11 It makes homeschooling easier for my mom since she has so much kids. #12 Ron Paul Curriculum teaches me to be fair in my thinking. #13 Ron Paul Curriculum teaches me to retain important information. #14 I get to learn about classic literature. #15 The Ron Paul Curriculum teaches Biblical principles while teaching general education.