Which three time-allocation changes could increase my productivity the most? This means what three things could I change that would increase my productivity. For me, my productivity is my school. The first thing that could help me do my school better and faster is getting rid of lunch movies. We have been watching movies with our lunches for as far back as I can remember. We always have about an hour and a half of movie time with our lunch. If I got rid of my lunch movie time than I could get done with my school faster so that I could get a head start on my chores.

My second thing that I could change is waking up earlier. If I had an alarm clock (which I really need to get) I could get up on a specific time and get a head start on my school so that I can have a fresher mind, and when you have a fresher mind, it means that you are smarter, and when you are smarter you get done with things faster, and once you am done with the thing you am doing you can get started on other things faster. So if you get up early in the morning, everything gets done faster.

The third thing I can change is going to sleep faster. If I go to sleep faster than I can get up earlier which combines with getting up early in the morning. These three things can help me change my life.