What can I cut out of my weekly schedule in order to increase my efficiency? This means what can I get rid of so that I do better at what I am slacking at. This might include video games, toys, TV, etc. For me, what I am slacking at is my school, cleaning the house and chores and what I probably need to get rid of is TV and LEGOs. We watch TV with lunch every day for about an hour and a half. If I cut back on TV with lunch and eat a five minute lunch than I can get back to school faster and I can get done with school faster. I can watch TV later in the day.

The other thing I need to cut back on are LEGOs. LEGOs are my favorite toys, but they cause to many distractions. When I am cleaning the house I always get distracted by LEGOs and my parents yell at me to get back to work, and I do not like getting yelled at, so I really need to cut back a little on LEGOs. I also get distracted by LEGOs when I am doing chores. In this house, chores are very important (if you saw our house you would agree). And if my parents catch me playing with LEGOs they would be yelling at me to get back to work. What I need to do is I need to cut back on LEGOs a lot if I do not want to get yelled at anymore.