One of the things I liked this year was that I got to read a lot of fun books like “Robinson Crusoe” and “Treasure Island”. Another thing I liked this year was I got to learn about vocabulary words like First, Second, and Third Person, Cast, Script, and a whole lot of others. I also liked learning about poetry because I didn’t understand poetry until I took this class.

One of the things I didn’t like this year was I had to write long essays and book reports and that took forever. Another thing I didn’t like was short lessons. I would prefer longer lessons. 
If I were in charge of the Ron Paul Curriculum English Literature, I would make the lessons a little longer to explain things more, because I didn’t really understand what he was talking about. I would also make the essays a little shorter and simpler because sometimes it is extremely stressful. 
I learned a whole lot this year in English Literature like how to write good papers. I also learned how to identify prose, poetry, and drama. I also learned how to read poetry in the way it was meant to be read. This year’s English/Literature was a blast.