I have just finished reading “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”. It was about when a kid named Hank got transported to the Middle Ages. When he was discovered by knights, he was imprisoned and was to be burned. The Eclipse was on the day he was to be burned, so he used the Eclipse to get out of it, and after that, he claimed to be a great magician. He also made many inventions. Of course, this was just a dream and eventually ended.

   A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court is Satire, which means it is generally meant to be funny. When Hank, “The Boss”, and the king were about to be hanged, Sir Lancelot and five hundred knights came to rescue them on bicycles instead of horses!

   Mark Twain used Visualisation in this book. Hank knew he was in the Middle Ages when he saw the castle. Mark Twain also described people very well. There were knights in shiny armor and chain mail and peasants in old, raggedy clothes.

   I felt the mood of this book was amazing, weird, happy, sad, and scientific. Juxtaposition is putting two things together when they do not go together. Hank in modern clothes and a knight in shining armor is an example of juxtaposition.

   In this book, Hank is forced to interact with a different Milieu, which is a person’s social environment. The time period Hand came from did not have any kings, peasants, knights, etc; therefore, he was forced to interact with people from a different time, period, and social status. This story had many different tones. For example, when Sir Lancelot and the knights came to rescue the king and hank on bicycles, the tone was funny and weird. After they won a war with just an electric fence, I felt amazed and satisfied that they won the war.