Nehemiah was a Jew who lived during the time of King Artaxerxes. He was the King’s cupbearer. When he heard about the construction of the walls of Jerusalem, he was very sad. One day the King realized he was sad and asked him what was the matter. Nehemiah asked permission to go to Jerusalem for a time and the King granted his request.

     Nehemiah took a people group with him to help rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. When he got there he checked the damage of the walls and in the morning he planned out his plan. It was for each tribe to go to their part of the city and rebuild the walls there. Some of their enemies tried to interfere with the building of the walls of Jerusalem, however, the construction of the walls did not stop. The walls were rebuilt in 52 days! The people of Jerusalem lived in the city from 400 B.C. to 70 A.D. That’s 470 years! Nehemiah was in a unique position to influence the king and he used that position to lead the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

     God used Nehemiah in a special way to help rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Don’t you think so?