Thales is a philosopher who came from a wealthy family. He believed the earth was flat and had originated from water. He believed that the earth was just water and the son soaked up some of the water and land appeared. He also believed that sea creatures adapted to land and that is how we got land animals Same thing with people.

Archimedes was a mathematician who solved every math problem he was given. He also invented many inventions such as the catapult, the pully, the lever, and the water screw. One day, he set out to find out how much sand was in the universe. He set out to try to do this because he liked large numbers.

Ptolemy was a scientist who believed the earth was a sphere, not flat. He was right with this theory, but he was wrong about the earth’s position. He believed that the earth was at the center of the Solar System and that the sun revolved around it; however, as we know today, the earth is not at the center of the Solar System and it revolves around the sun.

Some of these people have wrong theories about the earth, though some of their theories are correct. Would you believe their theories if you were alive when they were alive?