Can the Remnant in one historical era become the majority later? First, let’s look at what this means.

Let’s say that you put a piece of wood in a fire and burn it. And when the fire is out, there is nothing left of the wood except ashes. That is what a remnant is. The ashes are the remnant of the wood. According to the dictionary, remnant means “a small remaining quantity of something.” So what does the word majority mean? According to Merriam-Webster, a majority is “a number or quantity greater than half of a total“.

So what does the question ‘Can the Remnant in one historical era become the majority later’ mean? What I think this means, is “can the remaining quantity of something that happened in the past become very popular (or the majority) later in history?” I think it can. Remnants are little traces of things that can later grow into a majority, or even just a mass. Let’s say that there used to be a very religious people that were different from other religious people. They worshiped differently, they worshiped different things, etc., and these people died of until there was only a very small group of people that still practiced this type of worship. Some time later, word of this practice got out and other people began practicing this too, and later it became a mass, or even a majority, or the small group just influenced a bunch of people and those people just joined in on the small group and growing it into a large group over time. That is an example of what I think this question means (even though I entirely made it up).

You see, people can change overtime. A group of people can have an influence on other people, and those people can join the small group. Little by little, the small group grows into a large group. Over time, people can change there worldviews and beliefs. People can change there minds about this stuff. People change over time. There is no law saying you can not change your mind, or your view, or your belief. Changing is your very own choice as a human. You just need to make the right choice about how you are going to change and what your going to change to.

So, my answer to the question “Can the Remnant in one historical era become the majority later” is a yes, definitely. Why? I think that I have already given a very vast answer as to why I think this question has a yes answer. I said a lot about people changing over time and a small group of people influencing others and other people joining them making there small group a large group and still growing over time.

I think that all this info qualifies as the answer to the question “Can the Remnant in one historical era become the majority later?” And I answered with the answer yes to this question.