Should the group in a legislator’s district that got him elected monitor his votes, and recruit someone to run against him in the next primary if he starts voting wrong? Let’s break this down real quick. OK, so lets say a man gets voted mayor of a town, and the mayor does something wrong. Do the people who elected that guy mayor last election have the right to vote someone else the next election (now, this goes with every level of government, not just a mayor)? Of course they do! Nothing is holding them back from voting for a person who is different from the original person they voted for. Now, a man can bribe people to vote for them, but the people have the right to vote for whoever they want. Now, they can vote for whoever they want, but it is the peoples choice who to vote for. Now, I hope people will make the right decision and vote for the good people, but it is their choice. And if you think that the person you voted for originally will be angry at you for not voting for him, do not be scared! It is so dumb to even think that! And if a person says that he will do something, and that helps get him into office, and he does not do it, oh well. Guess you will have to wait for the next election to pick someone else. But if a person says that he will do something and he gets elected, he better do it.