William Shakespeare was an English playwright, actor, and poet. According to Wikipedia, “He is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England’s national poet and the “Bard of Avon”.” He was born April 1564 and died April 1616. He wrote several plays and works. Some of the more famous ones are Romeo and Juliet, MacbethHamlet, and The Tempest. He wrote much more plays than this, but these are some of the more well known ones. Shakespeare was a great writer and his works were very well known by the people back then. He wrote plays, tragedies, poems, and sonnets. He is widely considered the greatest writer in the English language.

The King James Bible was an early modern translation of the Bible for the church of England. The publishing of this book was commissioned in 1604 and it was published in 1611. It was sponsored by King James IV and I, hence the name, King James Bible. This book seems too be written by one person, but it was not. In fact, this book was a committee project. It was written by so much more people. This book was written by forty-seven people and six committees. This was a very poetic book. The King James Bible has been described as one of the most important books in English culture. It was also a driving force in the shaping of the English-speaking world. Originally, the King James Bible had thirty-nine Old Testament books, twenty- seven New Testament books, and an intertestamental section between the two Testaments containing 14 books of what most Protestants consider the Apocrypha.

In this essay, I have to find out if Shakespeare plays or the King James Bible is easier to read and understand. So, I have read many of Shakespeare’s plays for my school, and in my opinion, it took me a while to understand Shakespeare’s plays, but once I have gotten used to reading it, I could understand it a lot better. These plays were written in a kind of “form” of writing that most people do not use anymore, so it was really hard for me to follow along with the plays, and I usually need help to understand it.

When I was reading the King James Bible, there were a lot of words that I did not know the meaning to, so it was kind of hard for me to understand it. But I kept reading it and compared the chapters to the same chapter from a different version of the Bible, and I have gotten used to the writing. Now I can understand it a lot easier.

In my opinion, I think the King James Bible is easier to read than Shakespeare’s plays. Shakespeare used a form of writing style that I was not used to, so it was kind of difficult to understand, whereas the King James Bible was also hard to understand, but it was quick and easy to learn to understand the writing, and I was used to the Bible so I knew a lot about what it was talking about.