#1: Argon and Castile brought together. In the year 1469, Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Argon, marries Isabella, heiress to the throne of Castile. Ten years later, the two Crowns are united and a strong government is formed.

#2: Conquest of Granada brings reconquista to an end. Ferdinand and Isabella wanted to revive the reconquista. When a Moorish outpost called Granada refused to pay tribute to Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella demanded that Granada resume to pay tribute. However, when Granada refused many number of times, Spain decides to take it over in the year 1481. Many settlements outside Granada fall to the Spanish, but Granada holds on. The Siege of Granada begins in 1491. Over some time, Granada finally capitulates and the “war” is over.

#3: Spanish Inquisition. The reason for the Spanish Inquisition was to maintain Catholicism inside the two kingdoms of Argon and Castile, but they did this through brutal methods. There were a lot of Jews in Spain, but Spain forced the Jews to do things that the Jews did not want to do. Spain was mainly trying to convert the Jews to Catholicism. For example, forced baptisms, forced to sit in a Christian service, etc. Over time, there was a Jewish Massacre that happened and a lot of people died. Eventually, all non-converted Jews were to leave Spain. A lot of Jews had to make their way to many surrounding territories. It was also the same for Arabs.