What are some common misconceptions about the Crusades, and why are they incorrect? One common misconception about the crusades is that Christians joined the crusades because of their lust for money and wealth. However, we now know this is not true. People actually sold stuff in order to go crusading.

Another misconception is what we know as the “second-sons” theory. You see, when a father dies, he leaves all his land and estate to his oldest son, so the second oldest was left with nothing. So it was believed that the second oldest sons went on crusades to win land. However, it was the oldest sons that went on crusades.

The events of the Fourth Crusade. The beginning the fourth crusade was the preparations to start the crusade and the departure to Zara to capture it. They were successful. After this they are summoned to Alexis and had a meeting with King Philip. The king made a proposition. Alexis arrived later and they had some difficulties with him. After that they sacked Constantinople and stole priceless Christian artifacts.