What were the problems besetting the Church in the tenth and eleventh centuries? What was “moderate reform”? In the tenth and eleventh centuries the church began to have some problems. One of them was that the church began to deteriorate. According to the Dictionary that word means “become progressively worse”, or worsen. So the church began to worsen. The people in charge of the very large Western Empire began to not be able to do all that was required of them because the Empire was very large. So they began to hire church officials to do their work for them. The church was caught up in the feudal system. Church officials began acting like vandals. This really disrupted the church. The “moderate reform” was a period in which Pope Leo IX wrote A Collection of 74 Titles which emphasized papal authority.

Describe the events that took place during the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV. What was at stake? In 1073 Pope St. Gregory VII was elected. He hade radical ideas about the king that the king did not like. The Pope said that the king was only supposed to establish peace and order and not to elect clergymen. If he did not accomplish this the Pope said he was a tyrant. Gregory declared that the judge in this matter was the Pope. This started a showdown between Pope St. Gregory VII and King Henry IV. There were very many events that took place between the two’s conflict. One of which was when Henry asked for forgiveness from the Pope. Gregory agreed to forgive him if he stayer three days out in the cold and succeeded. However, the conflict still went on. The Pope excommunicated the king, but Henry instead exiled Gregory. He died in exile.

What was Christendom? Christendom specifically refers to Christians, the Christian world, and so much more. I am a Christian, and I live in a Christian world, so I am a part of Christendom.