Aristotle was a great Greek philosopher and polymath and is known for being the one of the greatest philosophers to ever live. He is also famous for being the first genuine scientist in history. Aristotle was born 384 BC and died 322 BC. He was a student in Plato’s Academy for twenty years. He even founded his own school where he spent most of his life teaching, studying, and writing.

Sparta I would say is a city-state obsessed with war. You will soon see why. Spartan boys grew up until they were about seven years old. When they were seven then they were taken away for thirteen years to grow up to become soldiers. Once twenty years old they were allowed to get married, however, they could not see their wives and they had to live in barracks for the next ten years. When they were thirty years old then they could be a real citizen. The girls were left at home to learn to do cooking, cleaning, etc. The boys and girls at in different areas. Girls ate at home and the boys ate at public mess halls. The mess halls gave very gross and icky food. Some food even had blood in it! The Spartan’s were very unusual people.