What local marketing advantages do I now have that I did not have when the week began? Here are three things I learned about owning a business. The first thing is having a website. How will I have a business if I can not get any customers? You can not! That is why you must have a website if you want to build a business. A website helps you get customers. You also have to post the website where people can see it, because, how can you get customers if you do not post it? Plus, where should you post it? Well, post it on a very popular site, like Facebook. Second, location. You need to find a location on where you can set up your business. You also need to figure out where to serve your customers. We buy our milk and yogurt from farmers and we can not go to them to them to get our milk and yogurt, so, instead of the customers going to the sellers, the sellers come to the customers. That makes the customers happy and the milk and yogurt is so good that it makes them want to buy some more which makes the sellers happy. It is a win-win! Third, build a business that makes you comfortable and your customers happy. If I were to start a lawn mowing  business than I could mow people’s yards and they would tell other people about me and my business would just keep growing. And that is how you start a business.