Two possible USP’s for the Ron Paul Curriculum. USP means Unique Selling Prepositions. The two things are papers and professors. Here is why I think they are unique.

First, papers. The Ron Paul Curriculum gives me papers instead of tests because papers help me think. In tests you just memorize and then forget. Papers are extremely helpful. If someone asks you “What is the square root of four.” Well, you can just say “Two.” because you know it, right? Well, if someone asked you “What is a square root.” you would be like “Ummmm, I don’t know.” That is exactly like papers and tests. In tests you just memorize the Self Test and then fill out the Test, but with papers, you actually have to think about a topic and then write it down on a piece of paper.

The second thing is professors. I homeschool so my mom has to teach me. But with the Ron Paul Curriculum I can be taught by real professors even when I am still at home. The Ron Paul Curriculum has several different teachers over the years and several different courses each designed by a different teacher. Now, this is unique because I can stay at home and still homeschool like I have been doing for my whole life and still be taught by real school professors on the internet. And because it is on the internet then I can do it any where. I was even told by my professor to write this paper for you.