Why shouldn’t I borrow to buy something that depreciates? Depreciate means something goes down in value. So, why shouldn’t I borrow money to buy something that goes down in value? Because, if something is fifty dollars that you really want, and you wait for a month to get it, it may be forty dollars then, and you just saved ten dollars. Now, lets say you really want a car and the car is seventy five thousand dollars and you do not have the money. So you decide to borrow money from your parents and you buy the car. Six months have gone by and you are still trying to pay back your parents for the car. You soon find out that the car you had just bought hade gone down twenty thousand dollars and you realize that it would have just been better if you had waited have a year to get the car and you would have to pay your parents less for the car. Same thing with toys. If you see a toy that you really want and you buy it. after a month, you are walking through that same store down that same aisle and you see that same toy you saw a month ago and you realize that it hade a “HALF OFF” sign. If you had just waited for a month to buy it, than you would have saved half of you money. So remember, if you see something that you want to buy, wait a month or two to buy it, and maybe you could save a lot of money.