The average American watches four hours of TV every day. This means that nearly 20% of your entire day is spent on watching television! Is it worth it? Twenty five years ago when my parents where kids, the only way you could watch TV is if you where literally sitting in front of the TV. This is not the case today. There are several different ways that we are able two watch TV today. Some of the ways are on your TV, on your phone, on your tablet, and the computer. So as you can see, ease with which you can watch TV has really improved. The ability to watch TV on even more devices and with much more ease does not make it acceptable to watch more TV. I only watch TV for one and a half hours each day.

Is there anything wrong with watching TV? Well, no. There is nothing wrong with watching TV. There is some pretty decent stuff on TV. However, it does become a problem when you begin watching TV more than living your every day life.

How much money won’t I have at age 70 if I keep watching TV? Well, I am 12 years old. The current minimum wage in Illinois is $9.25 an hour. If I work for one day I’ll have made $37.00. Let’s say I work 4 hours every day, for 5 days every week. That means I will have earned $185.00. If I work every week for 1 entire year, I will have earned $9,620.00. Finally if I work until I’m 70, that is 58 years of working, and by then I will have earned $557,960.00! This is how much money I will NOT have if I instead choose to watch television for 4 hours every day. So no, watching TV is not worth it.