My favorite school subject is Science, because it has so many different sections to learn from, like how to make YouTube videos and why science is important. I even got to make some YouTube videos! I also learned about robotics; how to make one, how they work, how to make them have a mind of their own, and other fun things. I even learned about health and fitness, how to get and stay healthy, the right kinds of food to eat, and other ways to stay healthy. Applied Science on Ron Paul Curriculum school is so cool.

My least favorite school subject is history, because; although I like learning about the past and how things began, I can not follow along that much. When I was learning about Rome, then I switched to Greece, then back to Rome, I was confused for a while. Plus, I don’t like writing long essays. I know the long essays are so I can remember and write about the past week, but I wonder if instead of essays, some people do quizzes. Despite all this, I still like history.