Bear safety is an extremely mindful technique that you can use if you are out in the backcountry and you’re hiking or trekking in the woods Bears are very aggressive and could kill you, or tear up your campsite, or eat all your food. If bears find your campsite and are proceeding towards ou, you need to play dead, covering your neck, belly, etc. showing that you aren’t a threat. If that doesn’t work, fight back! Keeping your food at least two hundred feet away from your campsite s very important. It keeps the bear away from your location, however, the bear can get to the food so I recommend the bear canister or the bear bag. You just have to put the bear canister on the ground, but you have to hang the bear bag on a tree limb 10-12 feet above the ground, 6-8 feet away from the tree trunk, and at least 4 feet below the limb you are hanging the bag on. You have to put every scented thing in our campsite that will attract bears in your canister or the bag, for example: toothpaste, food, etc. Be safe!