Kubla Khan was a very important ruler. He also had a grandfather named Gengis Khan. Kubla Khan was the fifth great Khan of the Mongol Empire. He did not become king till he was in his late thirties. Kubla Khan made many conquests alongside his brother who was the Great Khan for that time being. He became king several years later.

Compared to Gengis Khan, Kubla Khan was way more thoughtful, kinder, and wiser. He even ruled his people very fairly. He did not destroy civilizations he conquered, but instead, he civilized towards the people he ruled. He created the Yuan Dynasty in 1271. Many things were made or rebuilt. Kubla Khan lived longer than his wife and his son. His death resulted in many different diseases and became very overweight in his old age. He died in February 1294 A.D. His grave is in the Mongol burial site. Kubla Khan was the ruler of China, which expanded the Mongol empire greatly. He even saw Marco Polo, his dad, and his uncle during his reign.