Ancient Africa is a really cool country. It has the Sahara Desert (the largest desert in the world) and it has the Nile River. The Nile River is not just the longest river in the world, but it also runs north. No other river in the world can do that!

   The Egyptians lived in Egypt, which is in Africa. They are a really cool civilization. The pyramids were built during the Old Kingdom. The pyramids were burial tombs for Pharaohs (kings) and had a square shaped base, and each wall was shaped like a triangle, and all the walls leaned up against each other, which came to a point at the top. The Egyptians even invented a writing system called Hieroglyphics. Each hieroglyph is a word or a word phrase. During the new kingdom, Egypt had its golden age. After Alexander the Great ruled Egypt, a family called the Ptolemies ruled Egypt for almost 300 years! Cleopatra VII was the last ruler of the Ptolemies.

   There were other tribes in Africa like the Egyptians. Some of these civilizations are called Nubia and Axum. Nubia was built south of Egypt on the Nile River and had a society based on trade. Azum was built near the horn of Africa along the Eastern coast of Africa.

   It would be really cool to be an archeologist and study the pyramids and see what life was like. I even wish I could read and write hieroglyphs. I even wish one of my friends could read and write hieroglyphs so we could write secret messages to each other.