After a king of Rome died, the Senate of the government began ruling the people for about a year until the people wanted a king so the people chose Tullus Hostilius and the Senate accepted him as king. Tullus was a very warlike and violent man. When Rome was going to fight Alba, the general of Alba ran to the king and said that he didn’t want to fight, so to settle the fight they would each chose a set of triplets from each city to duel and whoevers triplets won, that city would conquer the other city and Rome won the duel. when Rome went to fight a city, he called for aid from Alba; however, Alba did not come to his aid, so after the battle, Tullus executed the general of Alba for not coming to his aid even though they won the battle. Tullus died because lightning struck his house and he died in 642 B.C.

   Ancus Martius was the grandson of Numa Pompilius, the king before Tullus Hostilius. Because Ancus reigned during a time of war, he developed religious practices for times of war. Ancus died in 616 B.C.

   Lucius Tarquinius Priscus came from an Etruscan city named Tarquinia. After he became king, he sponsored Chariot racing. He died because the sons of Ancus Martius were jealous of him being king instead of them so they killed him.

   These kings are great kings. I think the best is Ancus Martius. Who do you think is the best?