Sparta was a really cruel culture and very unique in history. The Sparta government was really important but getting weak. The government thought it was because of family loyalty, so many extreme measures were taken to promote this. First, married couples could not be seen together, so they had to meet in secret. Then, instead of eating with their families, the boys had to eat every meal, every day in the military mess hall; even the king! Next, at the age of seven, all boys were sent to the military barracks to be trained to be soldiers to help in the military. The boys that were sent to the military lived a very hard life, even from a young age. They were not fed well, so to get healthy they had to steal food. If they stole food and got away with it, they could eat it, but if they were caught, they were beaten. I would not want to be a Spartan because I would not want to follow all those rules. Would you?