In the Bible, there were a lot of people sho proceded against God’s will. God judged Egypt for not letting his people go. He judged the land by sending ten plagues. There were lice, frogs, flies, and so much more. Egypt was judged when they rebelled against God’s will.

Israel also plummeted into wickedness. They complained about the food God had given them, so God sent poisonous snakes to the Israelites and a lot of Israelites died. God saved them by telling Moses to make a bronze snake and anyone who looked at it would live. Sadly, God had to judge the Israelites this way.

God judged Balaam in a scary way. God told him not to go somewhere, but he floundered. So God sent an angel to block the road. His donkey saw it, but Balaam didn’t. He tried to get his donkey back on the road. Suddenly, the donkey started talking. Then God opened his eyes and he saw the angel. Balaam started worshiping it. Balaam said, “I will go back if you want me to.” Then, the angel said, “I would have killed you but spared the donkey if he hadn’t stopped, but go on.” Isn’t that a scary judgment?

God used judgments like ten plagues, snakes, and killing people to punish them for careening against His will. God also judged several different people in multiple ways. Some may happen in your life.