What is a state subsidy? According to Wikipedia, “A subsidy or government incentive is a form of financial aid or support extended to an economic sector (business, or individual) generally with the aim of promoting economic and social policy. Although commonly extended from the government, the term subsidy can relate to any type of support – for example from NGOs or as implicit subsidies. Subsidies come in various forms including: direct (cash grants, interest-free loans) and indirect (tax breaks, insurance, low-interest loans, accelerated depreciation, rent rebates).” So a state subsidy is basically when the government gives some form of financial aid (money) to a person or business.

What is state control? According to GEMET, state control is “The power or authority of a government to regulate or command industry, organizations, programs, initiatives and individuals.” So state control is literally just the power or authority of the state to control what GEMET said. According to Wikipedia, “State media or government media are media outlets that are under financial and/or editorial control of the state or government, directly or indirectly. There are different types of state and government media. State-controlled or state-run media are under editorial control or influence by the state or government.” The state controls what it is meant to control weather you like it, or you do not like it. According to Collins Dictionary, state control literally means “control by the government”.

Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control? Pretty much, no. You see, in order for the government to give you free money, the government must take some money away from other people, and since nobody wants the government to take their money, then the government takes their money by force. They do this through coercion. Therefore, there can be no state subsidies without state control.

Do you know what it is called when you give money away to those who really need it? That is called charity. But that is not the way the government does it. The government takes your money and gives it to a business that the government deems worthy to have the money. This is NOT the same thing as giving money away on your own. The government takes away your money and gives it to someone else. I think they do this through taxes, and taxes and charity are definitely not the same thing. According to Philanthropy, “Some of the wealthiest Americans have started to contend that paying taxes and making charitable gifts are just about the same thing. Their failure to grasp the profound difference between the two presents a very real problem for nonprofit organizations and our democracy.” I can not believe that people think that taxes and charity are the same thing! They are so different! Taxation is money being taken away from you, and charity is freely giving away money.

So, the overall answer to the question “Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control?”, is no, it pretty much impossible for that to ever happen.