If the state is strong enough to do something good for you, it can also do something bad to you. This statement is true in many ways. For example, the state passes both good and bad laws. Some good ones are making it illegal to steal, they pass traffic laws which makes driving safe for people, and lots more. However, I feel like there are more bad laws than good laws. For example, the U.S.A. has just gone through, and is still going through, what I call the U.S.A. crisis of 2019. There was a huge breakout of a virus called coronavirus, or covid-19, and the U.S.A. literally shut down. New laws were passed that made the U.S.A. go crazy. Now, I live in the state of Illinois, and I hate it. The Illinois governor of my time has made new laws which made businesses shut down, you can not go someplace without having on a mask, the six-foot rule, all of these stupid laws. I mean, masks do not even help slow the spread of this virus, and where did they get the six foot rule? Out of thin air! These new laws are really hurting the state of Illinois, and three years after the outbreak (the year I wrote this essay), some of these laws are still in motion! Like some places still require the ‘if you do not wear a mask you are not allowed in’ rule. These laws have went down a bit, but they are not gone. The state is strong enough to do good.