Early medieval hymns are very old songs. According to Wikipedia, “Medieval music encompasses the sacred and secular music of Western Europe during the Middle Ages, from approximately the 6th to 15th centuries.” In this time, literature was very important, so they said that if the literature was sung in the form of a hymn, then it would be remembered. Many of the hymns focus on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heaven, etc. Some hymns even focus on the people in the life of Jesus. Many of the hymns were about Mary the mother of Jesus, the apostles, the angles, etc. Most of these hymns were written by Christian Catholics.

An example of an early medieval hymn is the Song from Chartivel by Marie de France (1155-1189):

Hath any loved you well, down there,

Summer or winter through?
Down there, have you found any fair
Laid in the grave with you?
’s death’s long kiss a richer kiss
Than mine was wont to be–
Or have you gone to some far bliss
And quite forgotten me?

What soft enamoring of sleep

Hath you in some soft way?
What charmed death holdeth you with deep
Strange lure by night and day?
A little space below the grass,
Our of the sun and shade;
But worlds away from me, alas,
Down there where you are laid.

Another one is Hymn to Earth the Mother of All, written by Homer (7th century B.C.):

O universal mother, who dost keep
From everlasting thy foundations deep,
Eldest of things, Great Earth, I sing of thee!
All shapes that have their dwelling in the sea,
All things that fly, or on the ground divine
Live, move, and there are nourished–these are thine;
These from thy wealth thou dost sustain; from thee
Fair babes are born, and fruits on every tree
Hang ripe and large, revered Divinity!

Did the literature of Early Medieval Hymns encourage Christians to exercise political leadership? Well, sort of. Of their time, the Church leaders were the political leaders. They were one and the same. That means that the Church leaders were the ones who made the rules, arrested people, tried people, they even put people in jail. Even the pastor of the Church did this. These people were not very good Christ-like people despite the fact that they were in charge of the Church.

Christians put more of an emphasis on politics before the medieval ages. Catholic authors who wrote on civil matters told Christians to listen to the authorities higher in hierarchy and answer than them with respect and goodness, but not to do what they say. They said to do not deny Jesus in order to worship the king, leader, emperor, etc. It was at this time that there has never been any mention of Christians being in politics or having any political leadership. It was also at this time that Christians were being persecuted just before the fall of the Roman Empire.

Nothing relating to politics is in any of these hymns. Therefore, the overall answer to the question, “Did the literature of Early Medieval Hymns encourage Christians to exercise political leadership?”, is no.