The Theogony was written by Hesiod. It is a poem focused on the dumb, Greek gods. It tells of their origin, birth, genealogies, etc. Hesiod was a Greek poet and is called the “father of Greek didactic poetry” very often. Genesis, the very first book of the Bible, is all true, talking about God, how the world came into order, and how man was created. It was written by God, the true god. In this essay, I will be saying the differences between the two books.

In the Theogony, it mentions gods being formed somehow and then them making more gods and it keeps going on and on and on. So, the Theogony has a lot of gods mentioned in it. Where as in Genesis, God was there in the beginning. He was not supernaturally created. He was no created by another. He is also the only god. There is only one god in the Bible. That is a huge difference between the two books.

Another one, is that in the Theogony, there were only human, immortal men to begin with. The gods created them and were done. However, man did something that the gods did not like and as punishment, the gods gave them human, immortal women as a curse. However, in Genesis, God created man, and then as man started to get lonely God created woman as a gift, a blessing. I do not know why the Theogony says that woman is a curse given by the gods to mankind, but who agrees with me that that is just weird? I am going to guess everyone who reads this essay will agree with me.

These two books are both origins of the universe, however, they are from completely different world views. The  Theogony was accepted by the Greeks, and the Bible was accepted by the Hebrews. The Bible, specifically the book of Genesis, tells how the world came into order. On day one God created the heavens and earth. On day two God created the firmament. On day three God created the dry land and vegetation. On day four God created the sun, moon, stars, pretty much everything other than the earth and heavens. On day five God created the birds of the sky and sea creatures. On day six God created land creatures and man. On day seven God rested. In the Theogony Hesiod does not know how the world came into order, but he claims that he got his words from the Muses, which he says are the daughters of the god Zeus. That is so, so not right.

The Theogony and Genesis are both very different, like different gods, different world views, etc. There are too many differences to even fit in this entire paper! However, I gave you some of the main differences between these two books. Basically, the entire books themselves and everything they have in them are different. I am so glad that I believe in the Bible and not Hesiod’s Theogony.