Which aspect of the plot of In His Steps so far sounds most implausible? In His Steps was written by Charles Monroe Sheldon. It is said to be one of the best-selling books of all time selling over fifty-million copies first being published in 1896. The full title of the book is In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do. I recently read it as a school book and I really liked it. It is nick-named What Would Jesus Do because at the beginning of the book Rev. Henry Maxwell, the pastor of a church, challenges everyone in the church that in every situation or problem they have they ask themselves “What would Jesus do?” for a whole year (but they did not have to do it if they did not want to). This phrase is referred to throughout the book. Some Christians even use this phrase now, two hundred years after the book was even published.

What I think is most implausible (which means not likely to happen) is when a random person comes to Rev. Maxwell’s house and asks Maxwell to find him a job. Maxwell says he probably can and the person leaves. The next day at church the man comes to church, comes to the pulpit, and says that the church treated him very badly (we never find out how) and passes out. He dies a few days later. I think this is implausible because people randomly passing out and dying later is not possible, and if it is, it is extremely rare.

What I think is also implausible is not the What Would Jesus Do challenge that Rev. Maxwell gives the church, but how many people in the church agree to do it. I mean, how often do you see a ton of people agree to a challenge like this? And doing it for a whole year just makes it sound even more implausible. Who, in present time, would do that besides Christians? I know no one that would. Do you?

Another implausible thing is when Rev. Maxwell is elected to give a tent meeting to the people about not going back to the town’s saloon and why it is bad to go back to the saloon and that the saloon is an evil place. When Rev. Maxwell finishes the meeting everyone who attended goes back to the saloon and ignores everything Rev. Maxwell told them. No one even stayed for the after meeting. Who does that!? Rev. Maxwell gave an hour speech on why the saloon is bad and why they should never go back there again. Why would they even ever go back? How often does that even happen? To me, extremely rare.

There are a lot of other implausible points in the book, but there is too much to mention them all. There is a Bible verse that says that through God, everything is possible. I love that verse. It is a very good and influential verse. I love the book and I recommend it as a book you need to read.